Withdrawal Questions

Withdrawal Questions

To bring you the most effective methods of withdrawing from drugs, we’ve partnered with a medical detox center with great success on taking people off some of the most dangerous drugs and medication on the market today.

Steve Hayes, the Executive Director, pioneered a way to more comfortably withdraw from some of the most dangerous drugs on the market—without getting you addicted to another drug.

Many of his patients are even able to work from his center while going through withdrawal and go home totally drug free after their program is done.

As soon as I’ve gathered enough questions from our readers, I’ll conduct an interview with Steve Hayes and ask him your questions.

In my interview I’ll have him answer questions such as:

  • How to withdraw from Methadone and other dangerous drugs?
  • How do you considerably alleviate withdrawal symptoms at home.
  • How to choose a good medical detox?
  • What types of detox program should you avoid?… and many more questions.

That’s where I need your help

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To everyone else, we’re thinking of charging a $39.00 fee for the recording of the interview, which will help us fund our Drug education program in schools.

And I think the interview will be well worth the $39 since we’ll provide some really good tips on alleviating withdrawal symptoms at home, and for the ones who need professional help, we’ll tell you how to find good detox programs.

But if you participate in the survey below and help us create our questions for the coming interview, the recording will be made available to you for free.

I think that’s fair.

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To your health.