Narconon Drug Rehab

Support Goes to Narconon Program After Proper Review

Why The Narconon Program in Oklahoma Continues to End Addiction The story about a state representative who completely reversed his opinion of Narconon Arrowheads drug-free rehabilitation program in Oklahoma deserves mention. Rep. Brian Renegar D-McAlester, reversed his beliefs about the Narconon rehabilitation program from poor to approval, after he personally looked over the OK center, [...]


Oxycontin Addiction? Prescription Pain Killers Could Flood Market

Oxycontin, an opioid pain killing drug which was so highly addictive the Canadian Government stopped the sale of it in Canada. Oxy may be back on the market in 1 or 10 different names if the Canadian government via Health Canada allows for drug manufactures to sell Oxy under other generic names. Listen to audio [...]


Celebrity Rehab Success

Success Story: “At Narconon Louisiana I was welcomed into a family of amazing people who truly cared about me. I was given the opportunity to repair past difficulties


Narconon Heroin Detox Success

I finished out the sauna program with a clear body which gave me the motivation to move on to the next stage of the Narconon program and start cleaning out my mind! With this new found vigor and energy for life,


Narconon Heroin Rehab Success

Narconon detox and rehab program 4 or 5 months after you start, you don’t have your addictions to drugs anymore.

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